Alpas: (v) to become free.

to be untied. to break loose.

The word Alpas is a verb that defines the action of becoming untied and breaking free. Our freelance florists love working for various floral clients to help them each fulfill their production goals. We want ALL of our clients to succeed and grow - we are their community, not their competition.

A love of floral design is simply part of who our Alpas floral freelance designers are. Some of us have other jobs or personal projects, while others on our team are completely devoted to the freelance floral lifestyle. Our commonality is that we just can't deny our desire to keep our hands in flowers! 

Through Alpas, we find the balance that feeds this desire - while continuing to grow as designers and do our part to elevate the value of the floral industry. No matter a designer's background, we are all FLORISTS WHO WORK FOR FLORISTS. That is why we work so hard to maximize communication and stress hard work and accountability in our freelancers. 

Our Team

Ashley possesses more than 20 years of floral design and management experience. Leading by example is the name of her game, so you’ll often find her working side by side with her team, in the trenches and piles of leaves at her feet.

Ashley has a background in horticulture, as well as studying under Bill Harper, AIFD, AAF, FAM. 


Through Alpas, she desires to create a shift in the floral industry; not just between freelance designers and the flower shops who hire them, but also between her floral peers and the value they see in each other.

Ashley Pollard


In addition to over twenty years of real world floral experience, Jeremy achieved his AIFD accreditation in 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri.  He also received an MBA in 2009 which was a personal goal. 

He has held positions as both Lead Designer and Creative Director.  One of his passions is floral education - and he loves to share his knowledge.


In 2018, Jeremy was able to open up his life for new prospects and joined the Alpas Floral Freelance Team. He loves to participate in competitive floral design events, as well as taking a hot trend and turning it on its ear. His love for flowers has no bounds.

Jeremy Estes


Often referred to as the "Bearded Guy with Flowers," Jordan is a designer known for his avant-garde style design. He possesses 14 years of diverse floral experience, including work for a Kansas City floral wholesaler.

Due to his penchant for understanding all sides of the floral industry, including this wholesale aspect, he is one of our go-to freelance floral designers for processing and he is highly valuable on set up and tear down days.  


Jordan loves to mix hardcore old school design needs with new school mechanics.  He can easily switch from creating to recent design trends, to traditional, or even the avant-garde in any scale.

Jordan Statz


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