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You need freelance florists to tackle your largest projects.  Freelancers with work ethic, the skill to get things done efficiently, and above all...the ability to make beautiful floral designs. You're looking for something new. 

Something that works for you.

Alpas Floral Freelance Team is not a registry of freelancers. It is a collective of professional floral designers and freelancers with real experience who function individually AND as a team. We provide contract protected work that ensures you get what you pay for. We are centrally based in Kansas City, with freelancers located all over the United States - and YES, we travel!


Hire one freelance floral designer or hire a whole crew - we have the experience and professionalism to support any of your floral business needs.


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Not quite ready to push that button? Need to know a little more about what makes our team different or have some questions about a project? Request an email or a free phone consultation to learn what Alpas can do for you!

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