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Hire a Freelance Florist

An illustrated bouqet of flowers.

Alpas Freelance Floral designers have a firm grasp on how flower shop profitability is closely related to the value of service we are providing to our client shops. We don't milk the clock or turn up our noses at the sweaty, dirty, and heavy tasks that often come with working in this industry.


For our flower shop clients that often do large or multiple events in a week, the Alpas team booking option can be a real game changer. Clients can also book our designers individually for smaller projects, too. We back all of our bookings with a solid contract that is full of terms that florists can feel good about. Since we do work for shops of all types and sizes, and many of them do floral work for high profile clientele, we are always happy to customize our contract to fit the more specific needs of a particular project. 


We require a non-refundable base deposit of $50 per designer, per day, in order to guarantee booking dates on our calendar. We charge a flat day-rate per designer; that value is based on the skill level each designer brings to the table. Each day-rate guarantees you'll get 7-8 hours per day of solid production - whether that means making floral arrangements, processing, or even cleaning buckets. If travel is required, the cost is added as a stipend in the quote provided to you after your inquiry.

Remember, we always stress the importance of booking early to ensure you have the freelance floral help you need to maximize your business potential!

Please contact us if you have any questions about how Alpas can work for you!

Join the Alpas Team

A love of floral design is simply part of who we are as Alpas freelancers! Some of us have other jobs or personal projects, while some on our team are completely devoted to the freelance floral lifestyle. Our commonality is that we just can't deny our desire to keep our hands in flowers! 


Through Alpas, we find the balance that feeds this desire - while continuing to grow as designers and do our part to elevate the value of the floral industry. No matter a designer's background, we are all FLORISTS WHO WORK FOR FLORISTS. We want all of our clients to succeed and grow - we are their community, not their competition. That is why we work so hard to maximize communication and stress hard work and accountability in our freelancers. 


Our clients are florists, floral studios, and event floral production companies. We carefully select floral designers who possess a versatile set of design abilities and have between 5 to 25 years experience to fulfill any project's needs, small or large. Many of us have attended floral design school or come from backgrounds filling long-term management roles in high volume, upscale or event focused floral shops.

Think you've got what it takes to live that floral freelance lifestyle?

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